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Boat Lift Motors



Manually cranking up a boat can be physically tasking.  A boat lift motor eases the burden of manually raising the boat.  There are two basic motor designs.  An electric 110 volt motor and a 12 volt model. 

Electric Drive
12 volt and 110 volt Electric Drives - With an electric drive, all it takes is a flip of a lever and throw of a switch before your hoist will be raised safely into storage position.

12 volt motors run on rechargeable power from your boat or remote 12 volt source.

110 volt powers your hoist motor with AC power from the shore. Both can be manually engaged and disengaged for hand operation.

Deano Dock and Lift carries both Liftmate motors and Shorestation motors.



Shorestation Friction Drive Motor



Solar Panels


Remote Controls


Motor Covers



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